Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekly Digest - Week of 12/06/10

Market Performance
Sector Performance
Sorry for the late post in the Weekly Digest and Trading Tools, but this week was a killer week for me.  The market continued to churn higher as we saw our best gains in the Nasdaq and Financial sector.  The Dow spent most of the week trading in the red and finally catching up on Friday.  Bulls spent most of the week trying to claim the 1227 level.  Bulls were in for a scare on Tuesday as the market gaped higher and quickly sold off below the 1227 level.  Luckily for them they continued to push the market higher.

Being busy this week didn't stop me from trading.  Closed out my LOW position on Tuesday for a good profit.  Bought and sold APOG this week for another quick profit.  Lost some money on a bad day trade of LULU.  My stop-loss was to tight and got taken out before the run up.  I also covered my NFLX put on Friday after they made a huge jump.

Stay tuned for the Weekly Forecast later today...

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