Monday, November 8, 2010

Watchlist - Longs

Here is my current watchlist for longs.  I will list my full list with pattern of both and then post charts to ones I am watching closely.  I know a couple of people requested to see these so feel free to comment or ask questions.


  • BBEP (chart below)
  • ELY (ascending continuation triangle)
  • FINL (inverted head and shoulders)
  • FL (chart below)
  • FLIR (resistance, double bottom)
  • JBL (chart below)
  • KLAC (chart below)
  • LLTC (chart below)
  • LPHI (chart below)
  • LTC (resistance)
  • MAR (chart below)
  • MEE (chart below)
  • MON (resistance)
  • MOT (chart below)
  • PCX (chart below)
  • RHI (saucer)
  • RRC (chart below)
  • SAI (resistance)
  • SLB (chart below)
  • SYK (chart below)
  • TJX (saucer)
  • TSO (downward channel break)
    BBEP was moving in an upward channel and caught a bit of resistance.  It had a nice pop today now pushing it to the top of the channel.  Would like to see a pull back to support before entering this position.
     Foot Locker has a nice inverted head and shoulders pattern spanning over three years, and has already started a slight pull back.  Offers a good risk/reward setup. 
    JBL offers another inverted head and shoulder setup.  One thing to be careful with this chart is the pattern comes at the top and not the bottom for a reversal.  
     Nice breakout on resistance.  Today actually gave a nice setup as it opened down and slowly bought its way positive. 
    LLTC broke out of resistance and has pulled back today to offer a good entry point
    LHPI had already broken out and I was opening for a retest before it poured on higher but we did not get it today.  A retest may still be in the works so I haven't ruled this one out. 
     Marriott sporting a nice cup and handle with a strong breakout above resistance.  Waiting for a retrace to support before entering a position in this one. 
    Nice saucer pattern formed on Massey Energy.  I would actually like to see this one turn into a cup and handle before breaking through resistance.  However if it does break before then it would still be a solid pattern to go long on.
    Motorola following a nice uptrend since early 2009 and now it is pulling back to give a better entry point.
    Beautiful inverted head and shoulders pattern with a nice breakout.  Look for a retest of support before touching this one 
    Range Resources finally showing life after being beaten down.  Formed an inverted head and shoulders and had a solid breakout today.  With the way the market is I would still wait for some pull back before entering this position.
     Schlumberger formed a cup and handle covering 2 years and has already started a pull back.  Good risk/reward setup.  Would look at putting a stop-loss on other side of the gap up. 
    SYK is a bit of an early pattern but has a well defined inverted head and shoulders pattern forming.  Definitely something to keep a close eye on.

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