Monday, November 8, 2010

Watchlist - Shorts

Here is my short watchlist which is much shorter than my longs.  Same as the longs, I will post all shorts in my watchlist with patterns and the ones I am watching closely will have a chart below.  Please feel to leave any comments or ask any questions

  • EFX (chart below)
  • GME (chart below)
  • HUM (gap fill)
  • IRM (chart below)
  • LEG (chart below)
  • MCK (broken trendline retest)
  • MRK (chart below)
  • PEP (trendline break)
  • ROP (top of channel/support)
  • RSH (topping/support)
  • TIE (chart below)


Equifax shows a nice gap-fill and with such a steep run up it could use a nice pull back.

Gamestop has a nice working chart.  It follows trendlines and fibonacci retracements quite nicely.  Even though today it broke its downward trendline it is now down over 3% in afterhours.  It will also gain more resistance from the moving averages above.  Gamestop has already put in a tripple bottom so any more testing of that support could see a major breakdown.

Iron Mountain has been caught in this downward channel for most of the year.  Now with it trading towards the top it offers a better entry point to continue the ride down.  Again, moving averages above will add more resistance to this stock.

LEG is probably my least favorite chart since its support is a bit sloppy.  However it still offers a good entry and does have a bunch of resistance above

Merck has been trading in a nice up trend since early 2009 and has finally broke below the trendline showing weakness.

Oh, Titanium Metals, how I love to hate you.  TIE broke its upward trendline back in August and is putting in a head and shoulders pattern.  It had a nice retest of its trendline only to quickly sell off.

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