Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tough Return

After celebrating a devistating loss in the last week of the quarter I went silent on my blog.  I took a loss on my Amazon vertical call spread.  For some ungodly reason Amazon decided to jump $8 in one day.  Needless to say, Amazon took me out behind the wood shed and beat the crap out of me. 

With the loss I have shifted my focus from selling spreads to improving other areas of my trading.  I have now learned and started day trading on leveraged etfs (TNA & TZA).

I've had to use a different system to day trade and started to employ some indicators.  It isn't perfect but it is a work in process.  So far I've had good success with day trading, and will keep at it. 

Portfolio is currently 100% long and my newest addition is PCS.  Chart was way to beautiful to pass up so I had to jump on it (Will post chart later --charting software currently not working).

Still rebuilding myself and portfolio.  This is the joys of stock trading.  You have to take the loses with the wins, and hope you have more wins.

Will keep updating this page on a more regular basis...

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